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Eurbanities 2.0 is a project consisting out of creative people from NGOs, research, formal and non-formal education, who understand themselves as catalysts for communities.
The project partner have a commitment to and engagement with citizens and want to work on concrete tools and methods for those.
The team is curious, open minded but with experience, technical, teaching and research skills and some already existing participatory methods. However EUrbanities 2.0 want more outreach and impact. Not all partner have skills in game development and some feel economic needs in order to work on the project.
Still as creators we want to create livable neighborhoods and ensure that people know how to make their voices heard.
As intermediaries we know that we are not alone and thus contribute to positive change as responsible European citizens.


Eurbanities 2.0 aims at empowering citizens for being actively engaged in the development of equitable and sustainable European urban neighbourhoods. One of the most important ways of empowering citizen participation is through education and knowledge transfer. Therefore we will create an educational tool for teaching to people and to local stakeholders, the forms and methods of active participation. Eurbanities 2.0 will approach participation from the everyday’s citizen’s perspective, our products will be based on practice oriented research including theoretical and practical approaches, that will be translated into simple and well understandable learning messages.



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