Final meeting in Gothenborg, August 2022

Final evaluation and impact assessment for closing the project; administrative issues and final tasks before project ending; the main points of the final report; presentation of the 4 IOs, final touches needed; Policy recommendations and sustainability; brainstorming on the follow up – towards Eurbanities 3.0.

Meeting in Potenza, June 2022

During this meeting partners were finalising the main project results, evaluated the results of the 3rd training, discussed the plans for the multiplier events shared and agreed in the deadlines of the last tasks.

Meeting in Bucharest, February 2022

The meeting was held during a second lock down period, therefore it was held in hybrid mode. Partners evaluated the 2nd LTTA’s results and summed up of the necessary changes to be included due to the 3rd LTTA. The state of art of the Eurbanities 2.0. game was also discussed.

Meeting in Graz, September 2021

The first offline meeting after almost 2 years of interval due to the COVID-19 lock down. The main objectives of the meeting were to wrap up the activities and results achieved during the previous months, to share the difficulties the partners had to face during COVID-19 lock down. Partners were discussing the state of art …

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3rd Training in Berlin

During our last training we tested the finalised versions of the sessions and planned how to embed the Eurbanities 2.0. game. The sessions were tested with the participation of young professionals and volunteers, who, based on the results of the training, prepared an action plan for the creation of a community garden in Wedding, Berlin.

2nd Training in Wielicka, Poland

The first training for testing the 5 sessions of the Eurbanities 2.0. curriculum: Gamification and game development, needs assessment/empathy interview, reversed perspectives and action planning. As part of the sessions a field trip was organised to Nowa Huta.

2nd July Meeting

On the online meeting of the 2nd of July 2020, we had: Presentations of the experiences on the MIRO board; 10 experiences, with a diversity of topics, approaches tools,  analyse the experiences based on a grid that make them comparable once we have the experience descriptions, we will work on their comparison, based on key …

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Kick off meeting

On 18-19 November 2019, in Berlin we had the first project meeting, during which we had the opportunity to meet the new partners and meet the old project partners.But in addition to getting to know each other, we also immediately got to the heart of the project, planning the actions to be carried out and dividing …

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2nd Meeting (on-line)

On 29th April 2020, due to the pandemic it was not possible to have the meeting in Kracov and we were forced to organize one online. We had to reorganising our project’s timing to keep the deadlines as much as we can. Most of our activities are leading to the IO on handbook, this can …

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